To Our Valued Wintergreen Customers

Thank you for using Wintergreen Products. We are in the process of putting together a cookbook (favorite recipes of our customers using Wintergreen Products), and would appreciate your input. For example... I put a jar of "Gingered Pumpkin" into the cavity of the turkey before I put in the dressing (it makes it really moist and flavourful), we also use the Coca Cola BBQ sauce when BBQing our pulled pork.

Please take a minute to write down your favourite recipe using our Wintergreen Products and return it to us during your next visit. (a jar of jam is "on us" for taking the time).

Many thanks, Dawson Family

Print Recipe Sheet (opens in a new window - Adobe .pdf) and complete it for when you return!

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Wintergreen Barn

Wintergreen Maple Products
Barbecue Sauces
Samples From Our Collection (Left To Right)
Coca-Cola BBQ Sauce,
Apricot Horse-Radish BBQ Sauce,
Flaming Peach BBQ Sauce,
Pina Colada Syrup
and Maple Wine Vinegar

Pina Colada Maple Wine Vinegar

Tom Dawson

Tom Dawson
Lower Dining Room
Diane Dawson
Diane Dawson
Lower Dining Room & Kitchen

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